Wedding Film The Carriage Rooms

The Carriage Rooms Wedding film for Sarah and Andrew

Sarah’s wedding film which took place in The Carriage Rooms at Montalto. First I want to bring you with me to the stunning home Sarah’s mum and dad own. You know the one when you enter their drive you wish you lived there. This is one of those amazing homes I have ever been in. Sarah’s family just blew me away with how inviting they where with their home. They made us feel like part of the family from day one.

You know day one started at the wedding rehearsal. I decided to meet with Sarah and Andrew at this stage to see how all would go on their wedding day and Sarah’s dad said “why don’t you come to our house for a cuppa tea” my reply was “I would love that”.When I drove into the tree lined drive and the ranch fence lead my eye the whole way along the drive to their amazing home, it took my breath away.

We chatted about the wedding over a cuppa in front of the stunning red Aga and their wee dog lay at their feet. From that moment I just knew this wedding was going to be amazing.

Sarah’s mum took us for a tour of their stunning home and gardens. The fruit tress and the wooded area around their home made me think back to the moments of Sarah and her brother and sister as young children playing hid and seek. The smell of the fruit on the trees and the wooded area was a feeling of joy.

Now unto the Carriage Rooms this location is so like Sarah’s mums home. Sarah couldn’t have chosen a better location to complement her style. You can see why Sarah fell so in love with The Carriage Rooms at Montalto when you visit their page.

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