Liam & Roisin Wedding Film


Liam & Roisin in Ballymascanlon House Hotel

Liam and Roisin What can I say these guys ROCK!. Since filming their wedding day in the Ballymascanlon Hotel , I have had the pleasure of photographing Baby Rian. He is a stunning baby boy with the cutest smile you could ever imagine. This wee man is loved so much. Well Roisin found me on the good old google search as her and Liam live in Bermuda. When she first contacted me I thought she wanted me to go to her in Bermuda and my heart sank when she said no I am coming to Ireland. I said a well Ireland it is. I am still crossing my fingers on this one lol. They both love our style of filming and after a few emails back and forth we where booked to film their special day.

I arrived to Roisin’s mum house their stunning bungalow sitting up on the hill with amazing views over the water just melted my heart the moment I arrived. O boy but I didn’t want to leave they are so blessed to live in such an amazing location. Their wedding was arranged around bringing in the new year and thats why we have filmed to the striking of the clock. The party was great so much fun and love going around. LOVE is something you always feel when you are in Roisins company, she is such a bubbly and fun loving girl and one I have joy with to be in-touch.

You will see this in her film, there is no doubt that Liam is so in love with her. They make the perfect couple and now the perfect little family to go with it.

I have attached this wee photo of both Roisin and her stunning baby!! xx

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